Andrezj Zablocki

Is a Civil Mining Engineer graduated from the Technological University of Wroclaw (Poland).

Between 1967 and 1970, he worked in several mining companies in both Poland and Finland. From 1970 to 1982, he performed as a Mining Equipment Specialist in Finland. Since 1982, he held various management positions at Atlas Copco (currently, Epiroc) in Chile and covering Latin America.

He is a vastly experienced professional who has written several articles about mining and tunnelling mechanization, published in specialized magazines in Chile, Peru, Poland and Finland. Additionally, he has participated as exhibitor in various mining and tunneling seminars and conferences in South Africa, Peru, Argentina, England, Finland, Sweden, Mexico, Germany and Poland.

He co-authored Mining and Civil Engineering manuals published in Finland. He was awarded a diploma issued by the Advanced International Management Program (IFL, Sweden). On several occasions, he has been awarded and acknowledged by Chilean sector authorities, such as the Congressional Chamber of Deputies, IIMCH, various Chilean Universities, and also by presidents of Poland because of his contribution to the mining industry, the training of Chilean and Polish professionals, as well as his chairing of the Polish Union of Chile.

Currently, he works as an independent consultant and corporate advisor at Becker Warkop, he is a Member of the Board of CTES (Tunnels and Underground Spaces Corporation), he is also a member of APRIMIN’s Innovation Committee, and vice president of the Chilean-Polish Chamber of Commerce.

Having been founder and director of Cámara Minera de Chile, at this time he is also the standing President of Unión Polaca de Chile.