The multi-disciplinary and cross-sectoral services provided by ASL CORP for the study, evaluation and ongoing maintenance of businesses include the following:

  • Analysis and assessment of projects, taking into account various cost, benefit, and profitability options.
  • Examination of potential scenarios for business initiatives.
  • Assessment of current and potential local risks for new businesses.
  • Assessment of geopolitical risks for international businesses.
  • Evaluation of Corporate Strategies in View of Eventual Business Scenarios and Risks.
  • Assessment of various financing options.
  • Submission of business proposals to financial institutions to secure funding.
  • Examination of partnership opportunities and the integration of new partners.
  • Comprehensive due diligence for partnership initiatives.
  • Development of partnership agreements with investors and shareholder agreements.
  • Various legal structures for organizing and structuring new enterprises.
  • Analysis of tax burdens and options for new businesses.