Dr. Eleonora Widzyk-Capehart is a mining engineer with over 30 years of experience in generic and applied mining research. She holds a BSc in Electrification and Automation of Mines from the University of Science and Technology, AGH in Cracow, Poland; an MSc in Mining Engineering from the Mackay School of Mines, University of Nevada-Reno, USA; a PhD in Mining Engineering from Michigan Technological University, USA; and a Master’s in Human Factors from the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Throughout her career, she has been associated with prestigious institutions such as Curtin University’s Western Australian School of Mines, the University of Queensland, CRC Mining Centre, and CSIRO in Australia, the University of Chile, AMTC, and Nazarbayev University in Kazakhstan. She has led multidisciplinary, multinational projects in Australia, Chile, Kazakhstan, and Canada.

Her work has focused on the application of innovative technologies and the science of human factors in the mining industry, improving health, safety, and productivity, along with associated cost reductions. These efforts have resulted in significant improvements in the mining sector, benefiting both workers and companies.

With her extensive experience and expertise, Dr. Widzyk-Capehart has made significant contributions to the development and implementation of state-of-the-art technologies in mining, establishing herself as a leader in her field.